Brothers Dye House specializes in dyeing components for Discrete apparel and foundation designers. We dye fabrics, laces, elastics, hooks & eyes, rings & slides and bows all to match a single color. Whether you’re a top fashion designer or a start up company launching your first line, Discrete Dyeing Service will produce quality results that are runway ready.

We dye Buttons, fabrics, trims, fringe, crochets, laces, clunny laces, elastics, twill tapes, bra straps, elastics, hooks & eyes, rings & slides all dye to match the standard of your choice.

  • Discrete Apparel Findings

  • Elastic Dyeing

  • Lace Dyeing

  • Button Dyeing

  • Ribbon Dyeing

  • Rings & Slides

  • Bow Dyeing

  • Hooks & Eyes

  • Zipper Dyeing

  • Curtain Dyeing

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